Meeko Ghintee
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32 BBY, Oovo IV

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Rise of the Empire era

"Dead or alive, Meeko."
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Meeko Ghintee was a Muttani criminal operating during the time of the Invasion of Naboo. A known cheat, Meeko made his dishonest living in the underworld of beast pit fighting games, such as those held on Outland Station.


Meeko Ghintee was not above rigging his fighting beasts with remote devices, to control his prize creatures from the rafters of the fighting arena. Meeko often turned the odds in his favor thanks to this underhand tactic, though he had been frequently incarcerated for such devious tricks. Nevertheless, upon release, Meeko doggedly returned to the pit fighting arenas to try his hand once more.

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Following the Invasion of Naboo, Meeko was wanted by the Republic Correctional Authority, for a number of charges including murder, assault and larceny, and became one of the high-priority criminals of the time. Ghintee was captured and given a life sentence at the prison facility on Oovo IV, but managed to escape, obtaining the Longshot in the process. However, Meeko was not as free as he would have liked, since Jango Fett tracked the criminal to Outland Station. Meeko initially evaded the bounty hunter by pitting his remote-controlled borhek beast against Fett, and fled into the streets. Meeko commandeered a speeder, but was pursued and eventually detained by Jango Fett, who promptly collected his reward for the alien rogue.

Meeko was sent back to Desolation Alley, with a second life sentence added to his existing one. However, when Jango Fett himself arrived on Oovo IV while tracking down Komari Vosa, Meeko saw his chance to escape. Ghintee signed on to a work crew mining ore on the planetoid's rocky surface, and managed to flee the prison—and Fett—in a mining vehicle. Scared witless, Meeko attempted to shoot Fett down, but the bounty hunter proved too skilled for the criminal, and killed Meeko. Ironically, Meeko had a considerable bounty on his head at the time (10,000 Republic Credits). Even more ironically, the bounty was posted by the owner of a champion borhek which died because of Meeko's cheating in an Outland Station beast pit fight.

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In the video game, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, players can mark Meeko as a bounty at Merchant Row midway through chapter one, but they cannot secure the bounty until the cut-scene at the end of chapter one.

In the video game, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, on the level "Chapter 8: The Break Out", Meeko is an enemy who can be killed for 10000 credits; the highest secondary bounty in the game.



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