Clone scout troopers were clone troopers fighting for the Galactic Republic. They were often deployed into situations that required fast movement or combat. They were equipped with visors for greater vision.

Two of the best scouts went to Teth during the Clone Wars to track down Jabba Desilijic Tiure's son Rotta, and a few were used by Mace Windu at the Battle of Ryloth.

A number of scout troopers participated in the Battle of Kashyyyk to help defeat Trandoshan slavers alongside Luminara Unduli and Quinlan Vos. Armor very similar to theirs was used by standard clone troopers on jungle worlds, as well as clone swamp troopers.

After the formation of the Galactic Empire, they became scout troopers.

Clone scout troopers were equipped with highly advanced plastoid armor, though they wore mainly a body glove on the neck, upper leg, and lower arms. They also had wider visor plates that allowed a larger visual area. They usually were armed with either DC-15A blaster rifles or DC-15S blasters. The armor would be camouflaged to blend into the surroundings on forest and swamp worlds. They were also equipped with the DC-14 Sniper Rifle.

The game Star Wars: Battlefront II uses a variation of the clone scout trooper as a sniper unit on the planets Kashyyyk, and Felucia.